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Current Bass and Striper Fishing Reports on Lake Lanier, Georgia
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by Ken Sturdivant
106 Hickory Ridge
Cumming, Georgia 30040

February 5, 2016


This Lake Lanier Bass report is from Jimbo Mathley, www.jimboonlanier.com. 770 542 7764

Bass fishing on Lake Lanier remains good. The Corp has continued to pull water 24 hours a day, and the lake was coming down and getting close to normal levels, but now with the rain this week, the lake is currently on the way back up. This winter has been anything but normal in terms of weather and water condition. Up, down, and up again with water level and temperature as well. It looks like we have a cold snap in store for next week, but it appears it will be brief and then back to the seasonable weather. Hard to say exactly what will happen to the fishing, but we will find some way to catch them. I look for the fish to start staging for the spawn soon as the water temps are right and the days are getting longer, which is often a trigger for those fish to start their process. The lower main lake is clear in most areas, while the areas above Browns Bridge are fairly stained still. The backs of the creeks around the lake have also been stained and will continue to be with the latest rain we have received. The ditches remain semi productive, as some bait and fish remain in those areas and are catchable, particularly in the mornings. A SuperSpin has been the ticket in these ditches. The first hour or so of daylight is key on sunny days. When the weather is cloudy, the bite seems to continue later into the morning. The fish that remain in the ditches have been as shallow as 10 feet in the mornings and are spread out all the way out to 25 feet. A jerkbait has been productive back in the ditches as well. Work the jerkbait with soft twitches and 4 5 second pauses. When the moving bait bite slows down, a worm and a Chattahoochee jig have picked up the slack nicely. Toss these around in the same ditches after the SuperSpin and jerkbait bite slow down. Another pattern that has reemerged is the steep rock bite. Look for points that offer deeper water nearby. Work a Chattahoochee Jig slowly on these areas with plenty of pauses. Use a larger trailer, like a Zoom Fat Albert Twin Tail, to help slow the fall of the bait. In addition, there are still a certain group of fish have committed to deep water. A jig and a worm, along with a drop shot, have been good in the 40 60 foot sections of select ditches. Here is what I have open right now in February: 10, 12, 15, 17, 22, 24, 25, and 26. This is a great time to learn that late winter and early pre spawn bite like we discussed in my recent seminar. Give me a call and let's go fishing! Thanks to all and May God Bless!

This Lake Lanier Striper report is from Captain Ken West and Captain Mike Maddalena of www.bigfishon.com

Striper fishing is good. There is an early morning bite using Herring on free lines and planner boards. Once the sun gets up, weight your lines with several split shots, deploy your down rods in addition to your free lines and move to deeper water. Make sure you are fishing over bait fish or there is bait in the area. One of the questions we get asked is how long are the leaders on your free lines and down rods? As a general rule, in the winter we use five foot of 12 or15 pound test Seaguar fluorocarbon line, depending on bait size and water clarity, as leaders on both our free lines and down rods. The only difference in the setup of our down rods and free lines is the two ounce slip weight we use on our down rods. We always use a plastic red bead on the main line side of our swivel and tie our swivel and hooks to our leader using a Palomar knot. The red bead protects the swivel knot from the pounding it can get from a two ounce weight and serves as a stop for planner boards. We use Gamakatsu Octopus hooks. Typically we use a #1 hook for a small and medium Herring and a 1/0 for larger Herring. Over the years we have tried various line types, lengths, size and knots. The key is confidence in your terminal tackle. Use quality hooks, line, swivels and tie a knot you know will hold and you won't have to talk about the big fish that got away because of equipment failure. There is an Umbrella rig bite on mid lake points and flats. We use a 4 arm 3 ounce Umbrella frame with 9 one ounce jigs with either white or chartreuse chad bodies. Set your rigs at 70 to 80 feet behind the boat and vary your trolling speed from 2.8 to 3.4 MPH. Don’t forget to power up when making turns as the inside rig drops like a rock in a turn when clipping points. There are fish in every creek with high concentrations of bait. Mid Lake Creeks have been the most productive this past week and are a good place to start your day. The lake temperature is in the high 40's and the water is lightly stained on the main lake with heavy stain in the backs of the creeks. The lake is less than one foot above full pool.

This Lake Lanier Crappie report is from Dan Saknini, member of the Lanier Crappie Angler s Club. See our club s website, www.laniercrappieanglers.net

This time of year, water temperature really matters. With the warm days and nights we are having, the water temperature jumped up to 51 degrees, which has flipped the switch for the fish. Fishing is good to excellent. The fish are still deep. Since they relate to brush piles, you can find them on docks with structure. With docks having been adjusted due to higher lake levels, remember that any brush piles you may typically fish are going to be at the outside edge of the dock, and the fish are holding tight around the brush. So fish the dock from as many angles as you can. Shooting docks this time of year is where you will get your best results. Aim your jig past the brush pile inside the darkest part of the dock, allow it to fall, and retrieve it slowly toward your boat. When a fish rises to the bait, they push the jig slightly upward toward the boat which will cause a slight slack in the line. You should set your hook immediately. Four pound test high visibility line will help you see the slack better, thus allowing you to catch more fish. The deeper bites (20 feet or so) are the most challenging to feel, so watch your line carefully. After the first bite or two, the school will begin to shallow, sometimes as much as eight feet, and the bite gets easier to feel. The channel docks and the pockets off the channel remain your best option to locate fish. Just watch for the bait on your Lowrance. My hair jig favorites are the Jiffy Jigs JJ20 and JJ35. Soft body favorites are Panfish Assassin Tiny Shad, Bobby Garland Key Lime Pie and Bobby Garland Electric Chicken. 1/24 ounce and 1/16 ounce jig heads are working equally well. A slip cork, sinker, and number six long shank Eagle Claw hook with a trusty crappie minnow is always a fun way to catch a few fish. Just locate the brush pile in relationship to the dock and drop your minnow about a foot above the top of the school of fish. Stay safe and wear your life jacket!

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