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Colorado Fishing Reports - Southeast Region for reservoirs, lakes, rivers, creeks and ponds
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Southeast Region

Report provided with permission of the
Colorado Division of Wildlife

Conditions for the week of June 16, 2015.

Arkansas River
The Arkansas River is seeing a lot of runoff, with high, fast, cold, murky water from top to bottom. That is to be expected during the second week of June. Despite the season and the current flow, there are fishing opportunities cached amid the chaos, even along the main stem of the river. Runoff is rarely experienced in a manner reflective of the long-term average, (i.e. a bell-shaped curve of ascending and then descending flows). Throughout the runoff period, times of cooler weather or cloud cover can slow the melt, allowing the river to clear and/or recede. During those times, hungry fish will crowd the available shoreline pockets and compete actively for the food available in that narrow band of slower water. Coinciding with this population dynamic is the annual migration toward shore of golden stonefly and salmonfly nymphs, the maturing insects being forced to crawl through a gauntlet of undernourished brown trout. Fishing a dry-dropper rig with adult stonefly (stimulator, PMX) above a golden stonefly nymph can be a very effective approach during this time, especially if one limits his drifts to the slow water along the very edge of the river. Don't wade. Don't even wear waders. Stay out of the water, rock-hopping along the shoreline, and use short, accurate casts of no more than 20 feet with a tippet diameter of 3X or larger.

Blue Lake (Adobe Creek)
Fishing for crappies is slow. A few channel catfish are being caught using a variety of baits. The low water boat ramps are completely submerged, but the high water boat ramps are usable. All of the flood water coming into Blue Lake has really slowed the fishing.   

Clear Creek Reservoir
The fishing at Clear Creek Reservoir has been good. Anglers are mostly catching 8-12 inch rainbow trout with the occasional 18-25 inch rainbow trout being landed too. Shore anglers normally experience success on gold kastmasters, berkley's floating magnum eggs and sherbet power bait. Fly fisherman caught trout on woolly buggers and tiger musky on streamers. Trolling worms coupled with troll blades and rapalas along the southern part of the reservoir has been very productive for trout. The best kokanee salmon fishing has been at dawn and dusk. Anglers targeting kokanee salmon caught the fish on squids and dodgers. Boat anglers reported catching tiger musky on jointed rapalas and red and white mepps spinners. Most of the tiger musky were caught during the afternoon. The reservoir is closed to trailer motorized watercrafts on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. The current boating hours are from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Crystal Lakes
The fishermen at Crystal Lakes have fair to good success using both flies and assorted lures. They are catching mostly rainbow and brown trout.

Forebay Reservoir
The fishermen at Mt. Elbert Forebay have good success from shore on both bait and lures. Most fishermen are catching rainbows between 10 and 16 inches. Very few fishermen have reported catching mackinaw, and those that had were under the 22-34 inch slot size. The water has been open most of the winter and spring, with a few fishermen using canoes, kayaks, and float tubes.

Frantz Lake
The lake has been busy with fisherman. Many have caught their bag limit fishing with power bait. The fishing pressure is heaviest near the parking lot, with fewer anglers fishing along the North Shore. Anglers using a clear bobber trailing a fly or pistol pete have been successful in several areas of the lake.

John Martin Reservoir
Fishing success has been found by fishermen trolling in boats behind the trestle. White bass have been hitting on hard baits and shiny lures. A few decent walleye also are being caught. Crappie fishing has been sparse at this point with only a few caught in the last couple of weeks. Catfish are being caught fairly well in the Stilling Basin.

Lathrop State Park
The boat ramps are open sunrise to sunset. Fishing continues to be hot along the Martin Inlet. Angler's continue to pull in trout using both power bait and crawlers. The hot spot is along the North shore of Horseshoe. Northern pike are starting to pick up along the Martin Inlet, and South of the Martin Dam. The trout are biting on both lakes, large and small ones are being pulled in using mostly power bait, and crawlers. No reports of muskie being caught as of yet. Stop by the visitor center to let staff know how the fishing is, or to show off an impressive catch.

O'Haver Lake
The lake overall is fishing well. Anglers using a bobber with power bait and salmon eggs have been filling their bag limit. Fly fisherman using indicators and nymph patterns have been successful at the inlet and west shore. Lure anglers have had success with spinner bait lures and spoons.

Riverside Ponds
The Riverside Ponds are 1/4 mile from the parking areas. They can provide a less crowded fishing experience. Worms and salmon eggs have been successful. Fly fisherman usually fish the ponds when the Arkansas River has higher flows.

Trinidad Lake
The lake is at 857 surface acres with a surface area of 6194.99, and the water temperature is still holding steady in the upper 50's. The water clarity of the lake is still a little murky. The trout have been biting on power bait and night crawlers. There have been a few reports of walleye and perch being caught in Reilly Canyon from shore on lures. The walleye and bass fishing from the boats remains spotty. The walleye anglers seem to be having the best luck with jigs. The boat ramp is open and boaters are reminded that they need to have their boat inspected prior to each launch.

Turquoise lake
Fishermen are reporting good success from shore with bait and they are catching 10-14 inch rainbow trout. There are a handful of fishermen catching mackinaw from shore using assorted lures. The mackinaw that are being caught are usually within the 22-34 inch slot, and must be returned to the water immediately. The matchless boat ramp is not open, but will be as soon as the water rises and it is safe to launch boats.

Twin Lakes
Twin Lakes boat ramp opened on May 15th, although fishermen in boats are only reporting fair success. Fishermen from the shore are reporting good success using lures and bait for rainbow trout. There are a handful of reports of large mackinaw being caught from shore with lures as well. Those fishing for rainbow trout will have the best success fishing near the BOR Power Plant.


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