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  Aug 26, 2016

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PRODUCT REVIEWS - Rods, Reel, Line, Terminal Tackle, and other Fishing Products and Accessories

  • The Perfect Bass Rod by Brad Wiegmann
  • Not Your Father's Spinning Rod and Reel by Wayne Ek
  • Fish Green with Eagle Claw Products by Brad Wiegmann
  • Kajun Limb Rods by Jeff Bruhl
  • Angler Innovations - Rod Jacket by Greg Biesecker
  • Kistler Z-Bone rods, the champion’s choice by Joe Piscus
  • TigeRodz: Quality Custom Rods for Anglers by Brad Wiegmann
  • Culling Accurately with Accu-Cull by Ed Guice
  • New Line with Hi-Test Expectations by Ed Guice
  • Fishing Calendar Software by Paul W. Ferrant
  • Berkley® Portable Line Spooling Station by Tim Fey
  • Revo Reel Line is Real Good by Ed Guice
  • Spiking Your Livewell with Oxygen by Ed Guice
  • The Fisherman's Marker by Paul Strege
  • ESOX Rods - Handmade in the USA by Joey Blanco
  • Drop Shot Weight Keeper System by Mike Bucca
  • All Pro Rods - New Product Update by Rick McFerrin
  • Gambler’s New Florida Rig Weights by Jeff Bruhl
  • What is Your Face Really Worth? by Brent Propst
  • Fishing Glue by Jeff Bruhl
  • Weight a Minute by Vance McCullough
  • The Plug Plucker by Rick McFerrin
  • Repairing Plastic Swim-Baits” REALLY by Mike Rice
  • Pflueger President Baitcasting Reels by Jeremiah T. Bagwell
  • Oakley Eyewear by Donuel Bruno
  • Rejuvenade™ by Jeff Bruhl
  • Cook's "Go-To" Tackle Storage System by Jeff Bruhl
  • Ambassadeur® D Series Reels by Jeff Bruhl
  • Pro's Soft-Bait Glue by Pete Robbins
  • Berkley® Lightning Rod® by Jeff Bruhl
  • Tough as Iron, Smooth as Silk! by Jeff Bruhl
  • The All Star by Tom Morrison
  • Tungsten Weights by Jeff Bruhl


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