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  Sep 30, 2016

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Ed Guice
Power Fishing by Ed Guice


By Edward Guice

Are you a power-fisherman? And if so then what is your definition of a power-fisherman? The topic of power fishing brings several different ideas, pictures and thoughts to fishermen's minds. When I first heard the term, I thought of a 7 1/2 foot flipping stick with 30 lb. Berkley Fire Line and a 3/4 oz. jig. My thoughts have been expanded greatly over the last 24 months and I would like to share my new found definition of power fishing.

Two years ago, I signed up for a bi-monthly fishing report. It told me about a secret bait and several powerful techniques to add to my fishing abilities. I have always thought that the best way to become a great bass fisherman was to stay positive and focused on the current bait being fished as well as the current body of water I was fishing. However, I do have confident baits and preferred bodies of water I like to fish and after fishing two or three days without a measuring bass or any bass. Fisherman and fishless days create outside noise, mental detractions or frustrations that can and will cause a fisherman to distort his/her views, abilities, beliefs and/or concentration on and off the water. These reports lured me by discussing how to handle distractions and frustrations I might be having or had with my bass fishing. The reports are called Powerfishing and the authors' idea of a power-fisherman is a person who fishes with confidence and believes in his/her own abilities.

The reports start with basic information and facts as well as myths. Each report built on the next. After reading and listening to many self-help and motivational books, I think that success in bass fishing is 80% to 85% mental. The problem with self-help and motivational books that I studied was applying the principals to the complex sport of bass fishing. These reports have provided me useful information which applies to my bass fishing and explain how to put these principals into practice as well as much more information about sponsors, taxes and other useful tips. The address to contact Powerfishing is listed below. I hope these Powerfishing reports can changes your definition of a power-fisherman and be of benefit to you and your bass fishing.

The PowerFishing Report
P.O. Box 54
Navarre, MN 55392

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