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  Oct 1, 2016

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Ken Sturdivant

Stained to Muddy Water Fishing for Bass

by Ken Sturdivant
Southern Fishing Schools Inc.

Heavy rains and runoff any time of the year creates different situations to bass anglers. Lakes and ponds can rise dramatically with the passing storms and the water color and the water temperatures change as well. The bass does not have a choice but to make the best of these conditions and they adapt very well.

The angler that modifies his approach to these ever changing conditions can still find and catch bass. The bass cannot leave and find another place to live. Heavy runoff brings food into the lake. In the spring, summer and fall runoff will bring the bass shallow looking for an easy meal. The stained waters allow them to forage under the cloudy water without fear. In the winter, cold runoff will keep the bass from feeding until it warms up. Pay close attention to the water temperatures in the early spring and only a few degrees can bring bass shallow.

The bass can find food even in the worst water conditions by using it's lateral line. This is a mucus filled membrane that runs under the skin of the bass. The lateral line can pick up super sensitive vibrations in the water. This is one way it can find food, day or night. The bass can hear very well in it's world also. The bass roams quickly and finds food by sound, vibrations and hearing.

In the heavy runoff, bass are not afraid to venture shallow looking for food in stained water. The off colored water allows the bass to be all but invisible to it's prey. When fishing in these conditions, anglers can use larger lures.

Big spinner baits, large worms and even bigger jigs will draw a bass to the lure. Bright colors in crank baits work best. Using a combination of limes, orange and bright greens with some black lines work very well. These colors allow the bass to see the lure as soon as it gets close to the lure. Shad colors are extremely hard for the bass to see in these waters. Larger worms and jigs should be black or browns.

These lures create shadows that the bass can home in on and find more quickly. If the bass can get a big meal, it will quickly attack.

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