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  Oct 1, 2016

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Ken Sturdivant

The Zoom Super Fluke

by Ken Sturdivant
Southern Fishing Schools Inc.

A new fisherman can rig up lots of baits and spend years trying to learn how to use them. And then there are some baits that can catch fish by accident. The Zoom Super Fluke is one of the deadliest soft plastic baits that have come out since the plastic worm.

This is a 4 inch soft plastic lure that is shaped much like a bait fish. Colors are common to the fishing public and come in all white, baby bass, bubble gum and lots more. But there are two things that make this bait deadly.

The shape of the bait and the fact that each Super Fluke is loaded with salt makes them deadly. Rigging the bait is very easy. From a simple live bait style hook, to a large offset worm hook, rigging the Super Fluke will catch fish. Use a 4/0 off set worm hook to rig this bait for long casting and super hook ups. Hold the bait and start by rigging the bait just like a plastic worm. But go around the bend of the hook and pull the tip out between the folds in the bait. Pull the hook and at the same time twist it 180 degrees. This will make the hook turn into the bait.

Take the hooks and force it though the back of the plastic. This method makes the hook lay right on the top of the bait. The hook tip should lay right next to the plastic. Make sure the bait is straight on the hook.

Another way to rig the Super Fluke is to use a small #1 short shank live bait hook. Take this hook and stick it into the nose of the bait, hook up or hook down. This is simple but deadly because the hook is always exposed.

By adding a rattle in the head of the bait gives extra sound. Stuff the Venom glass rattle right into the nose and bury it. Change the colors and adding scents change the bait. By adding some Spike It dye in any color with spots, lines and even adding red or chartreuse tails will make this bait effective. Now there is color and garlic on the bait.

Fishing this bait is a simple as adding water. Just cast this bait, twitch the rod tip and let it dart and swim. Bass, spots and even stripers will take this bait.



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