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  Sep 29, 2016

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Ken Sturdivan

Deadly Winter Time Bass Lures
by Ken Sturdivant
Southern Fishing Schools Inc.

The cold winter waters slows down the bass feeding activities. Since the body of the fish takes on the water temperatures, these fish become very sluggish during winter. Casting lures to the banks will not usually find many active fish. But learn to read a high quality Lowrance depth finder and take out some slow moving baits and the fish can still be caught. Bass will retire to deep water and regardless of the extremes in temperatures, bass still have to feed. Lures need to be placed as close to the fish as possible. This is the time of year when fishing vertically will work.

Several lures are deadly for winter time action. Many anglers use spoons all winter. The spoons will work, but there are other lures that will work just as well.

Buck tail jigs look like shad to a bass. Using several sizes and colors, dropping these lures straight down to the bass will get a strike. Hop them off the bottom and adding small trailers will work.

Worms are the best lures for bass all year. Take a small finesse worm and rig it up on a Texas rig. The secret for winter time worm jigging is to peg the sinker. Drop the bait right to the bottom around points and creek bends.

Jigs are used for cold water bass fishing. There is no reason not to drop this bait vertically and jig it just like the spoon. Use a variety of sizes and colors and add some extra crawfish scent on these baits. Jigging spoons will work all year. But they are especially deadly in the winter. Spoons dropped to the bottom appear to a bass like a dying bait fish.

Using different of colors and sizes of spoons will work. Fish the spoons into and under schools of bass and bait fish.

Always place the nose of the boat into any wind and make sure the baits are fish straight down under the boat. Drifting over deep points and flats slowly will put fish in the boat.

Vertical fishing is an art. It takes practice and patience. Adding this technique to winter time fishing will add hours of great fishing.



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